Will it outreach?

Youtube personalities, Rhett and Link, have been my favorites since they began helping small businesses like The Red House furniture store and Presidential Carwash by making low-budget commercials that went viral for small, struggling companies. They now host a daily “casual comedy” show called Good Mythical Morning. The show often features taste tests of strange foods and a common theme is “Will it (fill in the blank with something outlandish)”. Examples include, Will it taco?, Will it lasagna?, and Will it Pop Tart®?. Basically, they use non-standard ingredients in familiar foods to see if it is tasty and/or edible.

Church planters often do a similar thing while attempting to find ways to build relational bridges that will give them a platform to share the gospel truth of Jesus Christ. So today we are asking the question, Will it Outreach?

Will it outreach? – Ninja Tethered Line Jungle Gym for Kids
Practicing setting it up in a member’s backyard.

While in the states last year, we ran across a portable playground setup called the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. Will it outreach? New Community Bible Church in our city is looking forward to being a test market for this potential ministry tool. Then we’ll find the answer to the question: “Does it Outreach?” Hopefully before next year we’ll have a couple more church startups willing to test this hanging jungle gym. All that is needed is a spot with two sturdy trees in a location where families are apt to pass by or congregate and everything else is in the box. Most likely this would be in conjunction with a robust plan that includes activities for all ages. New Community Bible Church routinely hosts park outreaches that include various activities like Gaga-ball, Pictures ministry (featuring copies of some great works of art), a couple varieties of volleyball, trampolines, cotton candy, face painting and various other games and contests for different ages.

Here is another ministry tool we are trying out for reaching youth and young adults.

Slacklining has been popular in Europe for many years, and it is now just starting to become more popular in Ukraine. Although it is still quite rare, when I practice in a local park, sometimes people will come and talk about it and want to try it. Others have discreetly taken pictures and I pretend to think they are just talking on their telephone. Boris is a church planter in the east that we have been encouraging and visiting with from time to time. We demonstrated and gave him this slackline kit that can be used in any park that has two trees 20 to 50 feet apart. Another kit was given to another church planter and we still have a kit on hand to give away. Next summer we’ll check in with Boris and ask him the big question, “Does it outreach?”

This is actually an idea we got from our friend, James Flamm, a few years ago. Do you have any ideas for outreach? What things can you think of that might attract a few people or even a small crowd? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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