Year End Reporting

MC Comics recently featured our ministry in their annual comics magazine. This year’s title is “Yodis in Ukraine 2017“. We thought this would be an interesting and fun way for you to have a little peak into our lives and ministry throughout the past year in Ukraine. Read this yourself or share it with your kids. Either way, make sure you read the notice below.

Yodis Notice: This letter is only intended for those who can differentiate fact from fiction or are able to cope with the ambiguity of not knowing for sure. People who have experienced humor impairment should ask their doctor before reading this.

To read this year’s MC Comics – Yodis in Ukraine, click here:  Yodis 2017 Year End

One more thing… Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!


Click on this link to read or download last year’s comics: End Of Year 2016