My First Check

About fifteen years ago, Beth told me it was time to put my own thoughts and themes to music. As a result we now have about 10 songs for which we do not have to pay royalties when using them. Eight songs are available for sale or streaming on sites such as Amazon and Apple. … More My First Check

Putler’s Lies

To justify his war of Russian aggression, Vladimir Adolfovich Putler (not an actual name), has resorted to various lies to bolster the propaganda that fuels his army of internet trolls as well as his international efforts of discrediting Ukraine and justifying his murderous war. Today we examine some of his claims. Nazi’s and Antisemitism We’ve … More Putler’s Lies

Our first pro-Russians

Beth and I have been holding talks about the war of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Each talk consists of a 30-35 minute PowerPoint lecture. Listeners are then rewarded with a 30-minute Q&A. This is when the evening goes from simply being informative to being spicy. A church in north central California was treated to a … More Our first pro-Russians

Is McDonald’s supporting Russia’s war?

Does going to McDonald’s here in America mean that you are supporting Russia’s war of aggression? The restaurant chain has been under a lot of pressure to close its business in Russia, but has it? The answer is yes and no to both questions. After considerable pressure from activists supporting Ukraine, McDonald’s leadership made the … More Is McDonald’s supporting Russia’s war?