Russian Aggression & Spiritual Warfare

There is more to the war of Russian Aggression that is what you do not see with just a surface view. God is doing a mighty work in Ukraine. People are coming to know Christ as Savior, churches are being started, and the body of Christ is sending out more missionaries than ever before. In short, Satan does not like that. Ukraine has become a base of operations for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. I recently wrote and designed (o.k… it was a stock design from Microsoft Word) about the strategic position of the Ukrainian church. Here are some highlights:

“In times past, God used America and England to ignite a world-wide missions movement. Now there are places around the world which have picked up the torch and are carrying God’s light to every corner of the globe. These countries have become bases for the fulfillment of the Great Commission to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the remotest part of the earth. The chart below shows why Ukraine is one such strategic base.”

Linguistic ability:
Most Ukrainians are thoroughly bilingual, speaking both Ukrainian and Russian. Those who don’t understand or speak Russian well, can usually adapt without too much difficulty, similar to how the Portuguese adapt to Spanish. This gives Ukrainians the ability to communicate the Gospel in the countries that were formerly a part of the U.S.S.R. and the C.I.S.

Cultural Values and Adaptability:
Ukraine’s highest values are hospitality and helping others. They are often patriotic, they are rarely ultra-nationalistic. So when they discover the love of Christ and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, they naturally want to share it with others. Also, since they are living at the level of many of their neighboring countries, they rarely face the severe culture shock that western missionaries experience.

Logistical advantage:
Ukraine is the buffer between East and West, Europe and Asia. It is easier for Ukrainians to travel and obtain visas for countries in their part of the world than it is for western missionaries. Socially and politically, Ukrainians presence in other nearby countries is not as polarizing as their western brothers in Christ. Indeed, Ukraine has become an important missionary sending country.

In war and peace:
Ukrainians are patient, peace-loving, and very forgiving people. As the war of Russian aggression continues, there are still many believers who are ministering in Russia. The persecutions of the last century that scattered many Ukrainians to the remotest parts of the Soviet Union served a greater purpose of evangelizing the U.S.S.R.

Ukrainians are strategically equipped and situated to reach the Russian-speaking world and beyond with the gospel. If you travel throughout the former Soviet Union and meet up with an evangelical church or home Bible study group, there is more than a 90% likelihood that the initiator of this group was a Ukrainian national. This is why satan is attacking Ukraine – he wants to disrupt and destroy what God has been doing. Everything else we read or hear about in the news is simply smoke and mirrors. So… what can we do about it? Pray, then pray some more and then keep praying.

5 thoughts on “Russian Aggression & Spiritual Warfare

  1. Eric and Beth,

    This is Deborah Dashney. I’ve just become aware of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Just read your most recent post and am concerned for you…Are you and Beth in Donetsk, right now? Where is your daughter and her family?

    Yes. Committing to be on hands and knees. May the enemy not be allowed to achieve his goal.

    In worship and praise this morning for all I just read about happening spiritually across Ukraine. Praise God for ALL He has accomplished through YOU!!!! …My oh my…. And to read of the Ukrainian peoples’ tendencies towards kindness, peace, and forgiveness.

    Will look further on your site for more updates. You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Please note my new email address.


    1. Thanks for your prayers Chris. We are safe, but experience has shown us that we are safest whenever we are where God has led us to be, whether that be behind enemy lines or in a city as seemingly safe as Knoxville TN.


  2. I will get on my knees today to pray for the Ukrainians and their country. May God’s perfect plan be accomplished perhaps through miraculous events.


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