Prayer Letter Archive

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2017 Prayer letters

December 12, 2017 “Yodis/Ukraine: It’s OFFICIAL!” Ukraine officially celebrates Christmas in December. End of Year Comics announced. Travel preparations for Christmas in Lviv. Finding Christmas music and a special message from WorldVenture. 2017 12 20 YodisUkraine ITS OFFICIAL

November 11, 2017 “Yodis/Ukraine: Ready for a Long Hard Winter” Ukraine has its first mass thanksgiving celebration. Church planting Networks forming and training events happening. Visiting the kids and tech problems. 2017 11 11 YodisUkraine Ready for a long winter

August 2, 2017 “Yodis/Ukraine: Having eyes and having ears… who are we?” Eric prepares to visit his parents. He is chased by four angry men. Fake media hits Ukraine before it was cool to be fake media. Small church advantages. Assorted prayer and praise requests. 20170802 YodisUkraine – Having eyes and having ears who are we